The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking

With this 38-page PDF guide, you’ll quickly grasp what IELTS Speaking is about and how to crack your way through with the right technique and practice. 

Ultimate guide to IELTS Speaking

This guide will help you feel confident about your exam and achieve your best score. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside: 

  • Strategies for each part of the exam. Concentrate on the right things and improve your score. 
  • Dos and don’ts of IELTS Speaking. Meet the requirements that IELTS examiners use to mark your answers. 
  • Plenty of recent questions. Practise using the topics that students have reported after recent exams. 
  • Phrases and expressions to use in tricky situations. 
  • Answers to some burning questions (Should I correct myself? What if I don’t know the answer? Plus many others). 

I’ve prepared this guide to help you learn everything you need to know and nothing more. Let’s get started!

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